Episode Three

In which the “aspirin” lollypops get in the wrong hands. Complex Girls is a train wrec– oh, we already said that. The women on the River Rock condo complex do go off the rails at times. Take your hands away from your face and see what we mean!

View it on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/9xtFBDr2HrA


Episode Two!

This is the long sought-after second episode of Complex Girls. Oddly, it’s a continuation of Episode One, Beach Day. Lexie and Honey are still having a hard time getting to the pool. There are a number of reasons for this…

Ow, hell. Just look at Episode Two already…

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Thanks, Complexers!

Lawyers Have Been Mentioned

On the advice of our lawyers. Or after a twitter rant. Or a long reply-all email string from hell. We came to a conclusion…

Suffice it to say lawyers were mentioned. Also mentioned: the fact that some people might be looking for actual proof of a so-called Episode One.

OK WHINERS! Here are screen grabs…

Also, Episode One Coming Soon!!!

Plague Round

The cast and crew of Complex Girls took over the playground of an unnamed San Diego condo complex recently. We unnamed it because fines. I mean, we really did some weird stuff. 

See if you can tell what we were doing based on these photos… Your comments welcome. 

Cast photo
Jewell Karinen as Sparkle Diamond
Drunks, hoopers, swingers and a fly MC